Marble Surface

A Risque Affair

Craving Something More Intense?

So, you want to turn up the intensity a notch & bring out my Devilish wild side?
A woman with many pleasures, let me extend our bedroom activities to include a more "adult-film-star twist; My Risque side may just be what you're craving.


Regional Victoria Rendezvous

Whats a Country Guy to Do?

A country guy with limited choice in local escorts? What's a man to do?!


A Sweet & Sensual Affair

Craving Something Sweet?

A man of uncomplicated desires and cravings for all things sensual and warm would be suited to this experience. Conversation complemented by sweet vanilla acts of pleasure.


The Domina (BDSM)

Ready to Submit?

A beautiful woman worthy of worship is at your fingertips.
Sensual, divine domination that is sadistic yet compassionate.


Fly Me To You

Just a plane ride away....

Sometimes the stars just don't align and we aren't in the same city at the same time. Fear not, you can always fly me to you!

Interstate dates available at my discretion
Send me a detailed request for fees!


Lunch & Dinner

Personal Favorite Experience

One of my favorite things about being companion is getting to know incredible Gentlemen beyond the bedroom. I love to develop a connection that isn’t just skin deep, there’s no quicker way to a women’s (me ) heart then enjoying some quality cuisine with a glass or two of quality red.

Experience Me